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Special Jurisdictions in a Post-COVID World

A virtual conference hosted by the Startup Societies Foundation is happening in a few weeks.

About the Event

In the aftermath of COVID-19, the world will need to rebuild economically and politically. To prepare for this, the Startup Societies Foundation is hosting a virtual summit that will explore how special jurisdictions can combat pandemics and rebuild governance, institutions and economies in the aftermath of COVID-19.

This conference will explore how small and special jurisdictions have an advantage when dealing with Coronavirus and similar pandemics. Their size makes it more manageable for governments to trace goods, and people, as well as implement drastic measures to fight health threats. Successful containment strategies within Hong Kong, Singapore and Macau are evidence of this.

Other special jurisdictions, like Special Economic Zones (SEZs), can facilitate trade as states enact policies to reduce transmission. Trade barriers will likely follow recent travel restrictions as states are more motivated to control their own supply chains. Yet, states must still trade. SEZs can provide a bastion of global exchange amid mounting tensions. Also, SEZs that focus on medical technologies can help firms create preventive treatments or vaccines. These innovative Zones can also be administered by Distributed Ledger Technologies, reducing the need physical contact.

Special jurisdictions should be at the forefront of post-COVID-19 policy by providing innovative, accountable and nimble governance.


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