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The end of Pax Americana and Turkey’s rise

This article is probably correct that Turkey is a rising force in the Eurasian corridor and likely to be an increasingly formidable power in the future.

By Batu Coskun, Daily Sabah

The United States has been retreating from the global political scene. The policy of limiting American global intervention that started during former President Barack Obama’s two terms, with the United States’ premature departure from Iraq and failure to intervene in Syria, has now been fully realized under the Trump administration.

Donald Trump has repeatedly expressed his desire to stop American involvement in foreign wars and bring American troops back home. As the first term of his presidency ends, his administration has taken meaningful steps in this regard, including the decision to reduce the American presence in Syria or choosing to become a mere spectator of the Libyan crisis.

Thus, the era of American peace – Pax Americana – is hastily coming to an end. The hegemonic status accorded to the U.S. in the aftermath of World War II and renewed with the collapse of the Soviet Union has proven to be unsustainable. The U.S. is now voluntarily retreating to the traditional maxim of U.S. foreign policy: isolationism. As such, unipolarity in the global political order has given way to a novel multipolarity, where competent nations have taken up the helm of steering global politics.


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