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Mexican Drug Cartel Members Threatened GOP Senators Near Texas Border

It couldn’t have happened to nicer guys.

By Jack Phillips, Epoch Times

Apparent Mexican drug cartel members threatened Republican senators from across the Rio Grande in Texas when they visited the border as Border Patrol officials grapple with a surge in illegal immigrants and human smuggling, according to one of the senators.

“We went right there at midnight [on Friday] to the Rio Grande River, and we were really taunted by Mexican cartel members,” Sen. Steve Daines (R-Mt.) told Breitbart. “They didn’t know it was Republican senators who were staying there—literally on the water’s edge in the brush—but they knew it was probably Border Patrol. They could hear the English voices.”

A Border Patrol agent who could translate Spanish to English told the senators that the cartel members made “vile” and “threatening” statements to them.

“It was obscene, because they know they can have their way. They’re not afraid. They know they can make thousands of dollars per person that’s crossing right now. That’s what’s going on, right now,” they said.


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