School Calls Child Services on Mom Who Was 7 Minutes Late to Pick Up Her 10-Year-Old Son

“It Takes a Police State to Raise a Child.”

By Lenore Skenazy, Reason

When 10 -year-old Braylin Harvey was picked up seven minutes late from his Chicago public school, the school called the Department of Child and Family Services to report a case of neglect.

Two days later, Harvey was pulled out of class and interrogated by a caseworker. The next day, a caseworker showed up at his home to investigate his mom, JaNay Dodson, herself a Chicago public school teacher for 19 years. The investigator asked her to provide contact information for people who might reassure the department that she’s a good mother.

Now mom is fighting back.

“I’m getting it out there to make people aware,” said Dodson in an interview.

While she is certain she will be found not guilty of neglect, she was stunned by how easy it was to open an investigation.


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