Anarcho-Syndicalists Discover Individualist-Anarchism

By Kevin Carson, Center for a Stateless Society

Most of the hatred directed at Center for a Stateless Society these days comes from the paleo-conservatives at and, and their almost indistinguishable friends on the alt.right. So it’s kind of refreshing to get some negative attention from the Old Left for a change — namely, the anarcho-syndicalists at Workers’ Solidarity Alliance (Geoff R and Bryer Sousa, “A Free Market Fantasy,” Ideas and Action, Nov. 7). Even so, it’s a bit disappointing. I wouldn’t expect them to match the paleocons in vituperation — nobody can beat constipated, elderly white men at that — but I would at least hope for something better in the way of intellectual quality.

It’s no exaggeration to call the authors’ analysis lazy and slipshod. The screed generalizes everyone at C4SS and Alliance of the Libertarian Left in the broadest possible terms, based on three — three! — footnotes. The sources on which all these generalizations are based? One article by Jason Lee Byas, one quote from an interview I did with Adam Kokesh several years ago… and a quote from Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations. What did they do, randomly select two C4SS pieces with the help of a dartboard?


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  1. Older, white-haird men ? ‘’ you people always think ‘u ‘r so perfect – ‘ u know everything ? How amazing ! I’ll be waiting to see how Less Smart ‘u get thru’ the years to come – ‘u have a lot to learn !

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