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Washington’s Anti-Russia Fixation

The US empire wants complete domination of the Eurasian corridor and Russia is an obstacle to that goal. Plus, the US petroleum industry wants Russia’s oil, the “defense” industry needs Russia as a permanent bogeyman, the neocons want revenge for the Cossacks’ pogroms and the Pale of Settlement, and the cultural left despises Russia’s comparative social conservatism.

By Doug Bandow, The American Conservative

The Cold War is back. Many analysts imagine a new twilight struggle against the People’s Republic of China. More improbably, an equally dedicated band is treating the Russian Federation as America’s eternal enemy. Indeed, members of an informal Russia as Enemy caucus at the Atlantic Council seem horrified that anyone would dissent from their preferred program of military containment and economic impoverishment.

Washington’s interventionist “blob,” as it has been called, prospers most when the U.S. has an enemy. The Soviet Union was the dominant threat during the Cold War, justifying an ever-expanding national security state. North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, and the People’s Republic of China added extra menace. The military-industrial-intellectual complex steadily grew, consuming all before it. Few benefitted more than Washington’s think tank warriors.


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