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Tom Laughlin AKA/ “Billy Jack” PBS Interview 1992 Presidential Run/ Raw Footage Tape

In 1992, I was a producer for the PBS show: “The 90’s” This was an Emmy Award winning production know as a kind of funky 60 minutes. During the Presidential race for that year, Tom Laughlin had thrown his hat into the race. I had been assigned the task to interview Mr. Laughlin for our next national broadcast show entitled “The American Way”. I had been a long time fan of the “Billy Jack” movies since I was a kid, but did not know what to expect when I finally met this amazing man face to face. It has been many years since this interview when I met Tom and became friends with him. Because of the recent tribute to him on this years Oscars, I have decided to offer to his fans and friends, this un-edited 1 hour and 30minute interview that has never before been seen in it’s entirety. Please note, that because this is a raw footage tape of a free running video camera, there are some brief audio buzzing issues in the beginning. I Garth R. Bacon retain all rights both foreign and domestic to this production, and do not give any permission for said interview to be used or copied in whole or part, for charge and profit by any party with out my expressed written permission. Enjoy!

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