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Civil Unrest & Presidential Election Study (CUPES)

B Anondah Saide & Kevin McCaffree, Skeptic Research Center

The purpose of our initial study, the Social and Political Attitudes Study (SPAS), was to discover which political issues most divide people, and also to discover how the most divided people see the world.

In our new study, Civil Unrest and Presidential Election Study (CUPES), currently in the data analysis stage, we examine the same topics but in light of the unprecedented level of social and economic unrest of 2020. Specifically, we have added questions about peoples’ political and social attitudes as they relate to the George Floyd protests, the Coronavirus Pandemic, and the presidential election.

Data is being collected in September and October 2020 via Qualtrics Survey Software and Qualtrics’ sample recruitment services. 1500 adults will fill out a 15-minute survey. The study sample is nationally representative, meaning that the proportion of participants will reflect the U.S. adult population in terms of educational attainment, gender, and household income. We also over-sampled ethnic minorities to ensure that their attitudes, experiences, and perceptions can be assessed adequately.

All of our data will be made available to qualified researchers after reports and peer-reviewed publications have been drafted. Please send inquiries regarding the date of availability.


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