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From QAnon to BlueAnon: How Many Americans Want a Military Coup?

A reader writes:

Re: the Taibbi article you shared today on the Myanmar coup and censorship going on there — one thing I’ve noticed over the past few years are more and more Americans entertaining the idea of a military coup here in the US, to “save the republic” or “save democracy”. 
It’s worth noting that various QAnon and Q-adjacent types have explicitly said they want a Myanmar-style coup here, to reinstall Trump.  And during the height of Russiagate, you heard the same thing coming from the most unhinged elements among the MSNBC-uber-alles / center-left Twitter crowd (or BlueAnon, as further left Sandernista types have dubbed them, who view them as tools of the DNC, Wall Street, and neocons). 
These two groups, whatever their political differences, are mirror images of one another in that they’ve been riled up and fearmongered by their respective media echo chambers to a fever pitch, all hinging on being either pathologically terrified of or pathologically in thrall to the personality of Trump, into being in favor of whatever will keep Trump the agent of God in power (or bring him back), or whatever will banish Trump the agent of Satan forever.  The QAnon people had fantasies of Hillary and the satanic cabal being publicly executed while the military restored “liberty” and the glorious republic, righting the wrong of the stolen 2020 election, and BlueAnon had fantasies of Trump being led out of the White House in handcuffs while the military restored the sanctity of “democracy”, righting the wrong of the stolen 2016 election. 
What’s interesting is they both imagined the military was on their side, with the BlueAnon types coming to blindly trust the national security state / intelligence apparatus as dutiful heroes working to defeat Trump, and the QAnon types coming to believe that while the Deep State these BlueAnon types trusted wasn’t on their side, that there were secret white-hat elements within the apparatus working with “patriots” in the military to defeat the Cabal.
In a clip from this podcast Matt Christman was on he says more or less the same thing, extending this desire for a military coup to the Republican and Democratic bases generally, beyond the QAnon and BlueAnon cults.  I don’t think that’s necessarily true on an intellectual level, but on an emotional level, it certainly is.  (The relevant segment is a little under 2 minutes long from this point:
I don’t know how much popular support there actually is for something like a coup, as it’s probably mostly limited to the most deranged people from that 15-20% of the population who are political junkies in the first place.  Though, with that said, it seems among these groups there have been people who were suddenly radicalized to such a position despite having been completely apolitical their whole lives (ie they weren’t Alex Jones/Fox News or MSNBC devotees beforehand), and just got swept up in the furor and mass panic of the moment (whether that’s previously non-political wine moms becoming hysterically afraid of Putin and Trump and worshiping Robert Mueller, or new age yoga people and “wellness” types becoming hysterically afraid of a supposed satanic cabal, and worshiping Trump).

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