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The Five Factions of Totalitarian Humanism

From what I can gather “wokesters” come in at least five basic categories:

  1. ruling class elements seeking to incorporate progressive movements from recent decades into their self-legitimating ideology;
  2. professional class ladder-climbers engaged in virtue-signaling;
  3. quasi-religious zealots bent on moral purity akin to the Mormons and their “words of wisdom” (no offense to Mormon readers);
  4. dangerous totalitarians akin to Maoists and Khomeinists;
  5. generally well-meaning people with “liberal”  or “progressive” social views who often fail to recognize the other four categories for what they are.

I’m curious as to what disagreements readers may have with these categorizations or what other categories readers may be able to identify.

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  1. I think I agree with your list. It would be interesting to speculate on a breakdown by percentage, as my feeling is that this is a broad movement of mostly group #5 being manipulated into supporting these ideas.

  2. Would the entertainment class who spouts this stuff in bad faith, while groping genitals, or wife-beating on the side, be in number 2?

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