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Class Reductionism: Ben Burgis Vs. Vaush

Ben Burgis debates controversial YouTuber Vaush ( about class reductionism. Vaush is a proponent of libertarian socialism, 2nd Amendment rights, LGBTQ rights, violent revolution, online debate, and a range of other things.

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  1. “Libertarian Socialism”? Nonsense! I have for years believed that fundamentally, “Socialism” amounts to taking the position that each person is the legal property of the collective whole of the population. Once you adopt that concept, then it can be demanded (ostensibly in the name of the whole) that any given person can be required to accept any sacrifice, or bear any burden. Including death.
    This, of course, is diametrically opposite to libertarianism.
    Just calling something ‘libertarian’ doesn’t make it so.

  2. “Libertarian socialism” actually has a very lengthy and vast tradition:

    Of course, it’s still possible to critique/criticize it on various grounds:

    It’s also possible to argue that “socialism vs capitalism” is itself a false dichotomy:

    The principles that I usually fall back on are voluntaryism and decentralism:

    As for the proposed forms of “libertarian socialism” if those can work in the context of a voluntaryist, decentralist framework, fine. If not, then they’re no good.

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