Police State/Civil Liberties

President for Life?

While I generally regard the January 6 incident as an ordinary riot rather than a serious coup attempt, what is being described in this meme is by no means impossible. Also, it could come from any direction, not just the most obvious source. A right-wing demagogue who becomes President could engineer a situation like this, but so could a supposed centrist Bill/Hillary Clinton type claiming to be fighting terrorism acting on behalf of a ruling class that sees its own legitimacy being threatened or from a left-wing demagogue claiming to be suppressing fascism, racism, sexism, capitalism, etc.

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  1. There was some speculation that some of the riot provokers were two people, one from Antifa and one from BLM. I haven’t seen any evidence of that, but I haven’t really looked.
    It seems to me that “False Flag” attacks are always possible, and should be investigated where the possibility of evidence exists. Since extensive video evidence exists, the identity of those initiating the damage should be studied carefully
    It is quite plausible that ‘somebody’ would want to turn a ‘mere protest’ into a property-damaging riot. Such people would be taking a considerable risk, but they might consider it to be an acceptible risk.

    • there’s simply zero evidence of any Antifa or BLM involvement in the Jan 6 Coup Dr Farce, & there’s also zero National-Anarchist & zero Gamergate connections either. Ask Keith for the full details if you want

    • Note: One more thing. I’m not suggesting that any more than a tiny number of people were likely to be agent-provocateurs. Five of them, perhaps? Who were the first few who were smashing windows? Their goal, psychologically, would have been to start the property-damage, and let others begin to assist. They would then go away, I expect, so as to be long-gone when the arrests began. . They MIGHT have figured that they’d never be caught, or if they were, they would seem to be just a few more. Their motives wouldn’t be obvious, nor their loyalties exposed.

  2. A meme on the right is that these “rioters” somehow all go back on thier charter buses once the “tour” was over. Nothing left after dark. No help needed. Just got back on the bus.

    I’m getting sick of all the pearl-clutching on the left, and hoped it would end with Trump out, but I am now expecting it for an eternity! It’s hard to keep your rebel card with all that whining, but alas I maybe I am expecting too much from my comrades.

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