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Health Care: 100 Years of Creeping Government Control

By John Matrix, Police State USA

Editor’s note:  A police state is a “state in which the government exercises rigid and repressive controls over the social, economic, and political life of the population.”  The micromanagement and control over entire industries — such as health care — is categorically part of the development of a police state.  The ongoing market manipulations and monopolistic regulations have had a variety of consequences on economic and social freedoms.  Some of the economic consequences will be examined here.


(Source: Red Cross)
(Source: Red Cross)

Health care is a hotly debated topic.  Much of the debate revolves around a single problem:  Health care costs have soared and continue to rise.  We, as a society, have accepted these costs as the nature of medical care.  Should we?  There are many skilled professions in our nation and each one of them varies in difficulty and in price.  Health care seems to be the exception; the price is always exorbitant.  There are no affordable options when it comes to health care.


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