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The Revenge of the Yankees: How Social Gospel became Social Justice

Probably one of the best discussions of “culture war” politics and related socioeconomic factors I have seen to date. The Red Tribe/Blue Tribe conflict is less about socialism vs. capitalism, or communism vs. fascism, and more a continuation of the historic American battles between the high churches and low churches, both literally and metaphorically.

By Michael Lind, Tablet

Is America disintegrating into anarchy and civil war among races, religions, and regions? Is the country more divided than ever before? The answer is no. The social and economic divides among white Northerners and white Southerners, Blacks and whites, Catholics and Protestants and Jews were much more intense in 1920 than they are today in 2020. What has happened is that the formerly unified, mostly Northern mainline Protestant American establishment has—perhaps temporarily—broken down, allowing the actual diversity of interests and opinions in the United States to be expressed rather than suppressed. If the emerging woke national establishment has its way, however, that diversity of viewpoints and values will soon be suppressed once again, in favor of an intolerant and exclusive doctrine that greatly resembles the old-time Social Gospel from which it is derived.


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