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Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez: Campaign Finance Summary

In other words, the rising sectors of the ruling class: the tech oligarchy and the new clerisy. Antony Sutton would have said, “I told you so.”
“These were the top campaign contributors to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in 2019-2020. An interesting combination of Big Tech, Big Media, a little Big Pharma and a lot of Universities.
Are you surprised?”
1. University of California
2. Alphabet Inc (that’s Google)
3. City of New York, NY
4. Amazon
5. Apple Inc
6. New York University
7. Microsoft Corporation
8. Kaiser Permanente
9. AT&T Inc
10. City University of New York
11. Facebook Inc
12. Walt Disney Co.
13. US Postal Service
14. Columbia University
15. IBM Corp?”


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