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Why Online Dems Hate Jimmy Dore! w/ Glenn Greenwald

For decades,  I advocated that anarchists move in a direction more like pan-secessionism. And now some anarchists have picked up the torch. I advocated for a libertarian-influenced insurgency, and now the Boogaloo Boys have picked up the torch. I advocated for a rapprochement between the radical left and populist right, and a revolt against the institutionalized left. And now guys like Dore and Greenwald have picked up the torch.

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  1. What Glen Greenwald says about Julian Assange at the 7 minute mark is so true. Julain Assange does have an abrasive personality which is precisely the reason why he was able to do what he was able to do. Someone who was a “nice guy” with a nice “reasonable demeanor” would have never even thought of that or done something like that. That poses problems for the moral majority cultural left. Assange has a kind of aristocratic personality which poses a problem for the advocates of slave morality. So does Glen Greenwald as well as you. I strangely enough think the moral majority left is correct to dislike assange on the grounds that Assange would not be welcome or useful in their ideal utopian community which is built around slave morality I would argue. Assange would be the guy skateboarding on the statue built to honor the great leader.

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