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Kurt Andersen: The True Billionaire Conspiracy To Screw The Working Class

It’s unfortunate that “libertarianism” is often conflated with plutocracy by both the Left and Right with Bismarckian “Prussian Socialism” (what Americans call “progressivism”) as the supposed solution.  Reaganites and their descendants are about as “libertarian” as King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Corporate plutocracy results from a plethora of interventions including not only bailouts and subsidies but also the fictitious legal infrastructure of corporate personhood, limited liability laws, government contracts, loans, guarantees, purchases of goods, price controls, regulatory privilege, grants of monopolies, protectionist tariffs and trade policies, bankruptcy laws, military intervention to gain access to international markets and protect foreign investments, regulating or prohibiting organized labor activity, eminent domain, discriminatory taxation, ignoring corporate crimes and countless other forms of state-imposed favors and privileges.

Unfortunately, most people, even most anarchists and libertarians, are unaware of most of this.

Author, Kurt Andersen, discusses his book, ‘Evil Geniuses: The Unmaking of America: A Recent History.’

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