American Decline

Civil War Two But Modeled After Who?

It’s possible to draw analogies to the Spanish Civil War anytime there is a major left/right cleavage. But in our case, I think the civil war in El Salvador is a better political analogy in terms of parties, factions, and their relationships, and I think the Lebanese Civil War works better as an analogy in terms of sectarian/tribal conflicts. El Salvador and Lebanon are comparable in size to our individual states. “Civil War Two” in the US would be those two civil wars synthesized and multiplied by 50.

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'GESSER WITCH Cari Luna @cari_luna 1d Your gentle reminder that the Spanish Civil War was caused by fascists rising up against a democratically elected government because the left had come back into power and were undoing the damage done by the outgoing right-wing administration.'

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