Are we approaching the end of US hegemony? Reply

By Daniel Lazare, Weekly Worker

Evelyn Waugh supposedly once complained that Tories are forever promising to turn back the clock, but never really do. But there is a reason: the world moves on, the river continues to flow and, while change can be shaped and managed, it can never be reversed.

So Joe Biden is discovering before he even takes office. The incoming administration is based on one idea and one idea only: that the last four years were an aberration, an inexplicable interruption in the bipartisan ‘Repocratic’ march to free markets, democracy, and global domination, and that, once Trump leaves office – assuming he does leave office, that is – everything will go back to normal. It is a curious echo of president Warren G Harding’s call for a return to normalcy a century earlier after the tumult of the Woodrow Wilson years.


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