Economics/Class Relations

What’s Going on in the World Right Now

US politics right now (and to some degree Western politics generally) seems to be kind of repeat of what happened in the 19th century when the rising industrial bourgeois was eclipsing the traditional royal, aristocratic, an clerical elites as the dominant class.
Right now we have this rising class of tech-oligarchs, financiers, hedge fund managers, media moguls, “bourgeoise bohemians,” “green energy,” etc that are replacing or challenging the old bourgeoisie of traditional heavy industry, banking, chambers of commerce, petroleum, agriculture, etc.

Parallel to this is the rise of an expanded professional-managerial class in the “ideas industries” (education, journalism, media, advertising, public relations, etc), professions, public sector, social services, human resources, tech industry.etc. that is more cosmopolitan and multiculture than the traditionally hegemonic WASP culture (hence, the perpetual emphasis on “diversity”). Technology and the globalization of capital are fueling this.

Traditional social and cultural boundaries are also being broken down and we see elites among traditional out-groups join the ranks of the ruling class and/or managerial class, while more members of traditional in-groups are not only losing political and cultural power but sinking into the ranks of a reproletarianized proletariat or even the rapid expanding lumpenproletariat.
Just like the traditional peasants and artisans saw their livelihood and way of life being attacked by the industrial revolution, the same think is now happening to the petite bourgeoise and the upper strata of the proletariat that was able to live like an upper middle class in the postwar era when the US and its allies held all the economic cards.’
The rising techno-oligarchs and managerial class are following the tradition of the early industrial bourgeoise who would rally the urban proletariat behind them in their battles against the feudal elites, and then repress them after taking power. The same way folks like Creepy Joe and Police State Kamala have tried to reinvent themselves as BLM activists.
Trump seems to me to be less of a “fascist” and more like a Louis Napoleon, a mediocrity from the traditional elite the peasants hope is going to save them from the rising industrialists when he’s mostly just a tool of the reactionaries though one they find oafish and distasteful.”

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