Here’s How We MUST Respond After Trump Twitter, Parler Ban

This offers an interesting perspective though I tend to disagree on a few points. I prefer for the Internet to be the proverbial “Wild West.”

Saagar Enjeti analyzes Trump’s removal from various social media platforms and discusses how conservatives should react.

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  1. Elsewhere, I published this comment. If it’s too ‘hot’ for you, I’ll be happy to take it down, or you take it down.

    I think the people in the upper 3-4 upper management levels of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube should be ‘punished’.

    I could say what I believe that kind of ‘punishment’ should be, but as you can imagine it’s sufficiently serious that if I say it, somebody could say I’m promoting ___________ (Fill in the blank with the worst thing you can imagine.)

    If this was proposed a year ago, many people would claim it was premature. Is it premature now? And at the current rate of change, will you still say it’s premature in 3 months? 6 months?

    Note: libertarians (and I’m a lifetime libertarian; known it since 1975) might say that this would be about the most serious violation of NAP possible. My answer is that there are plenty of NON-libertarians in America who hate the path the biased media is heading us to. Those NON-libertarians have taken no NAP pledge. If THEY think that today’s biased MSM and Socialist Media needs to be punished, THEY can do so without any feelings of guilt.

    Think about it. It’s too bad we need to think about it, but I think we do.

    [end of my post]

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