On January 7th, individuals and groups connected with the National-Anarchist Movement were permanently removed from Facebook after being wrongly connected to events in Washington D.C. the previous day. Ironically, several hours earlier, many of us had openly distanced ourselves from the riot that took place at the Capitol building – either through our personal accounts, or the N-A forums themselves. However, as a result of one individual seen wearing a N-AM patch outside the building, the mass media began associating us with the protest – from whom Facebook apparently took their cue. Needless to say, we cannot be expected to control the actions of someone who simply ordered this item from the internet. Furthermore, it should be known that in  2016, we expelled two individuals for promoting Donald Trump and attempting to connect us with the so-called ‘Alt-Right’, and even released a statement to that effect. The National-Anarchist Movement remains strongly opposed to right-wing organisations of this kind and openly rejects all forms of racial hatred, white supremacism, fascism and neo-Nazism.

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