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Video shows Trump supporters brawling with police ahead of Congress vote to certify Biden’s win

Excellent. I generally have a favorable view of all who fight pigs in the street, irrespective of who they are or how idiotic their cause is.

By Sinead Baker, Business Insider

  • Supporters of President Trump clashed with police and at least six were arrested on Tuesday night.
  • The supporters gathered to protest the results of the presidential election ahead of Wednesday’s vote in Congress to certify those results.
  • The protests took place ahead of a larger rally planned on Wednesday, where Trump is scheduled to speak.
  • Trump has told his supporters that the vote in Congress is a chance to overturn the results, even though it is not.
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Supporters of President Donald Trump clashed with police, leading to the arrest of at least six of them, as they protested the results of the US presidential election ahead of a Congressional vote to certify the outcome.


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