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The New York Times Is Now Officially Chinese Communist Propaganda

The New York Times is and always has been, as Abbie Hoffman said, “the voice of the ruling class,” particularly the northeastern based financial elites who have always been the dominant sector of the US ruling class (and which has now merged with the tech elite). The WaPo is the voice of the CIA/Deep State (which has now also merged with the tech elite). So-called “conservatism” is a front movement for Sunbelt-based and/or midwestern industries that emerged in the postwar era like armaments, fossil fuels, and agribusiness (and which merged with the right-wing of the Israel lobby in the 1970s and 1980s). Of course, the New York Times is going to defend its benefactors’ sources of cheap labor and lucrative investments. The ruling class sectors behind “conservatism” tend to have a more negative view of China because the Chinese are viewed as competitors to their own businesses.

By David Marcus, The Federalist

The New York Times has a long, sordid history of being in bed with brutal authoritarian regimes. From Walter Duranty praising the goodness of the Soviet Union to the Times’ gentle treatment of Adolf Hitler, the paper of record is always on board with tyranny. The current generation of gatekeepers at the Gray Lady is no exception. In a shocking and sickening article this week, author Li Yuan celebrates Chinese “freedom.”

The article beams about how China has gotten its society back to normal after unleashing a deadly plague on the planet and lying about it. They eat in restaurants, they go to movies, and they are free from fear. They have the freedom to move around, the Times proclaims, assuring us this is the “most basic form of freedom.” Really? Do the 1 million Uighurs currently in concentration camps have “freedom of movement”? They must have been unavailable for comment, as they aren’t mentioned once in this advertisement for the Chinese Communist Party.


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