Dear Trump Nation: Are you happy now that you’ve stormed the U.S. Capitol?

For decades, I always thought that in an actual revolutionary situation, it would be the urban lumpenproletariat that was taking down the muncipales and the rural suburban lumpenproletariat that was taking down the federales. Events of the past six months seem to have confirmed that suspicion, with some qualifications. Different sides are pitted against each other and there have also been conflicts between the urban lumpens and the feds and between the municipales and the rural/suburban lumpens

By Mike Kelly NorthJersey.com

Dear Trump Nation:

Are you happy now? Now that you’ve turned one the most iconic of American symbols — the U.S. Capitol — into a scene that belongs in a movie about a two-bit banana republic, have you finally fulfilled your dream to “Make America Great”?

Watching the television footage of the thousands of protesters swarming into the Capitol, breaking windows, yelling and waving flags, I thought back to a day almost four years ago — President Donald Trump’s inauguration. In a chilly drizzle, I stood on those Capitol steps and watched Trump swear to uphold and defend our Constitution and then turn to the crowd gathered on the mall and declare that “this American carnage stops right here and stops right now.”

“What American carnage?” I asked myself as the U.S. Marine Band — nicknamed the “President’s Own” — played “Hail to the Chief” and a battery of U.S. Army cannons fired off a 21-gun salute.

On Wednesday, America saw Trump’s carnage firsthand.


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