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Leftist critique of the Decolonization movement

Because I am a 100% proponent of indigenous peoples’ rights, I am often accused of promoting “indigenous nationalism” by leftoidal “anarchists.” I tend to reject both SJWish decolonization theory, which aims to steer indigenous movements toward “cultural Marxism” (and therefore toward being tools for neoliberalism),  and the conventional Marxist view outlined in this piece, which aims to use indigenous movements as a tool toward the creation of a Marxist state.

By Pella Libertas

Yes, I am critical of the liberal-academic vanguard postulating the Decolonization theory. Here are my reasons:
The New Left university academia (funded by bourgeois trust holders) the proponents of Decolonization Theory — often like to bring up “colonial-settlerism” with an over-emphasis on the racial and social dynamics as related to the colonized-oppressed indigenous, versus the colonizing-oppressors who are almost always Anglo-European (but can also be Asian) but also apply the term “colonial-settler” to the non-indigenous but exploited proletariat.

Dismantling colonialism by removing colonial symbolism (Columbus Statues) and empowering indigenous groups via “entrepreneurship” and “non-profit programs” meant to uplift the station of the colonized-indigenous through private development solutions and financial grants, land, and financial concessions in the form of reparations and symbolic holidays, does not adequately address the historical evolution of imperialism, from the mercantile-colonialism stage into the international-monopoly stage.
•- Mercantile-colonialism is the FIRST STAGE of imperialism, where a foreign entity invades a sovereign, displacing the preexisting indigenous sovereignty by force and/or artificial cultural assimilation (think Christian missions) implanting its foreign cultural influence and imports either foreign slave labor or foreign low wage labor (also an exploited class, although still termed as “settlers”) to extract resources for private accumulation, small towns and banks are set up to handle the accumulation of capital.
•- After mercantile colonialism, is local level free market capitalism (engaged among the colonizers of an entity) government is established, cities (centers of capital) and industries are built, medium sized banking houses are established to handle the accumulation of surplus capital. Stock and commodity exchanges are also established.
•- After free market capitalism is national level monopolist protectionist-capitalism. Industries are consolidated into trusts and monopolies. Governments begin working on behalf of these interests and set rules to favor of these entities, prohibiting competition and restricting small scale capitalist operations in the form of “financial regulations”, “taxes”, “tariffs” to protect the interests of the bourgeois class. Big city and regional banks are formed to handle nationwide surplus capital and trade, finance capitalism at this phase begins to displace industrial capitalism.
•- After national level monopolist-protectionist capitalism, is the final stage of imperialism thus being Neoliberalism and privatization of resources of the commons (on a global level) into the hands of private multinational entities. Industry in the point of colonial origin is exported elsewhere to increase profit margins at minimal costs, public utilities and public commons are privatized and made for-profit. Private Multinational interests use the militaries of national entities (both colonized and sovereign) to extract and consolidate raw materials and natural resources. National monopolies form mergers with foreign monopolies, creating International Monopolies which have no allegiance to any nation, including the nations these multinational entities originated from, that were created from their origin point of mercantile-colonialism.
Mercantile-Colonialism/Neoliberalism is like cancer. At stage one it starts in the stomach, and a person might be unaware that they have cancer but it is there. But then they get sicker and sicker, and by the time they get to the doctor, they are told that they are at stage 4 and the cancer is heading for their brain! A person might start fighting that cancer by attacking the original source which is in the stomach (Mercantile-Colonialism) but by this point removing the stomach cancer still does not undo the rest of its destructive influence wreaking throughout the body (International Finance Monopolies)
Decolonization is a diversion from establishing proletarian class cohesion, putting an emphasis on cultural and social Balkanization of a historically marginalized people who view their struggle as separate from the exploited non-indigenous proletariat, allowing the Balkanized to view themselves as “more oppressed than” enforcing the concept of sectarianism separate from a unified class struggle against the bourgeois, who are bankrolling the professors (through academia) and organizers (through non-profits) to divert animus away from international finance, by advancing this bankrolled “leftist” theory.

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