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The Left’s Most Naïve Cynics Have Turned on AOC

This Jimmy Dore/AOC dustup really is hilarious. I enjoy watching the progressoids cracking. I suppose if I were going to advocate for a particular position on “healthcare reform” it would be the following: Workers and taxpayers should demand their full incomes without deductions taken by either employers or the government and get their own healthcare through their own mutual aid organizations. Political activism should be oriented toward repealing laws and policies that inflate the costs of health care and reduce its availability (e.g. pharmaceutical patents and intellectual property). All medical debt incurred under the current system should be canceled. Libertarians probably like the first two of my proposals. Leftists would probably like the latter.

By Eric Levitz, NY Mag

Jimmy Dore is undeniably good at swearing. A left-wing comedian turned pundit, Dore has earned himself a considerable YouTube following by giving expletive-laden expression to the rage that many American progressives feel when contemplating their nation’s cruel and unusual political economy. But his gifts for political strategy are less clear-cut.

In 2016, Dore informed his audience that it should not “freak out about a Donald Trump presidency,” as the Republican’s election would be “even better for progressives in the short term, meaning in the two-year term, and in four years for sure” than Hillary Clinton’s election would be. No significant constituency on the American left — not trade unions, immigrant-rights groups, Black community institutions, nor health-care justice organizations — shared this assessment. Four years, three Trump-appointed Supreme Court justices, and one Joe Biden presidential nomination later, it is … less than clear that Dore’s judgment was superior to that of every organized left-wing group that is actually accountable to a constituency. And the podcast host’s discernment is further called into question by his promotion of conspiracy theories implicating the DNC in Seth Rich’s death and absolving the Assad regime of using chemical weapons against civilians.


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