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74% of those reached by NJ’s contact tracers refuse to cooperate

Some more pan-secession in action.

New Jersey 101.5

To help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus in New Jersey the state Health Department has dramatically stepped up its contact tracing program.

If you test positive for coronavirus, a contact tracer from your local health department will call you to determine to which close contacts you may have spread the virus, so they can be notified, and can self-quarantine and get tested.

But huge numbers of Garden State residents are refusing to cooperate with contact tracers.

During his coronavirus update Monday, Gov. Phil Murphy said more contact tracers continue to be hired — New Jersey is up to more than 30 per 100,000 residents statewide. But the “rate of non-cooperation with our contact tracers is now up to a whopping 74%.”

“Quite frankly this is unacceptable and we need folks to turn that around,” Murphy said.

The governor also said the fact that three out of four state residents refuse to cooperate with contact tracers is shocking.


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