Month: November 2020

The Stream of Self-Determination and Autogestión: Prefiguring Alternative Economic Realities

By Marcel Vieta This article maps out a possible genealogy of autogestión – workers’ self-management – through ‘the stream of self-determination’ that historically grounds and flows through it. While its practices among working people long predate the modern capitalist era, theoretical and political considerations of autogestión as the […]

It’s Not Your Father’s GOP

This article is more or less advocating that the Republicans reinvent themselves as the equivalent of European Christian Democrats. Like the war profiteers, corporate plutocrats, and Israeli/Saudi functionaries who run the GOP are ever going to take that seriously. I think it’s quite likely the Repugs might shift […]

The Bleak Mainstream of US Politics

The spectrum of “mainstream” US politics could be defined as follows: Recycled Ted Kennedy liberals + wokeness (AOC) Recycled FDR liberals (Bernie) Neoliberals (most Democrats) Moderate Republicans (whether de jour like Romney or de facto like Biden) Blue Dog Democrats/populists/assorted weirdos (Trumpists) Neocons (right-wing Trotskyites aligned with the […]

Equality, the *Original* Original Sin

My take on the question of “equality” is the same as Benjamin Tucker’s, i.e. “equal liberty” rather than “equality” per se. The problem with the Lockean-Jeffersonian liberal view of “equality” or “liberty” is that it was applied only to certain classes, races, religions, or genders rather than everyone. […]

Anarchism at the End of the World

By Darren Allen What is Anarchism? Anarchism is the rejection of domination. In an anarchist society — which means of course in the anarchist herself — nobody is dominated by anyone or anything else. This does not mean, as we shall see, that there is no authority.1 What anarchism rejects is authority […]

Against Atlanticist Hegemony

I generally consider 4PT to be more counter-imperialist than anti-imperialist but this is spot on. New Resistance Once again the American left proves it’s completely blinded by Eurocentric racism as it gleefully applauds the reassertion of American liberalism as the head of the modern, Eurocentric, world order. At […]

The Tribal Multiverse

By Troy Southgate At the turn of the century, when I was still formulating my own National-Anarchist ideas, I made a point of saying that our communities must be based around a central or unifying vision and I still believe this to be the case. As an Absolute […]

Stop Playing the Game

Derrick Broze: “Friends, It’s going to be hell no matter what. I know SOME of you see past the games, but many of you who follow me still play the game. Here’s what I see: 1. The Biden “Revolutionaries” – these are the folks who were/are committed to […]


At some point, the US will likely have to convert to a consociational system in order to avoid complete fragmentation. In fact, I suspect the ruling class will eventually come to see such a system as a possible alternative to the dissolution of the mother country of the […]

Transnational capitalist class

The bulk of the world system explained very nicely in a single Wikipedia entry. Is it merely a coincidence that the “cultural Marxist” revolution happened at the same time as the ascendence of the transnational capitalist class? Far too many Western radicals do not understand the degree to […]