Month: November 2020

My Real Beef with Jordan Peterson

This article is a reminder of why I am not a “culture warrior.” I generally find Jordan Peterson to be a boring, substanceless “thinker” with a shallow center-right outlook whose “conservatism” amounts to a tenth-rate version of what Burke or Nietzsche said centuries ago. Nor do I care […]

Biden Urged to ‘Honor Indigenous Sovereignty and Immediately Halt’ Fossil Fuel Pipelines

By Jessica Corbett, Common Dreams A leading environmental advocacy group marked Native American Heritage Month on Wednesday by urging President-elect Joe Biden, Vice President-elect Kamala Kamala Harris, and the entire incoming administration “to honor Indigenous sovereignty and immediately halt the Keystone XL, Dakota Access, and Line 3 pipelines.” […]

The Legion of Doom Assembles

HOLISTIC DELOUSING 101 In the back row, from left: Ted Turner, Bill Gates Sr., George Soros, David Rockefeller. At the risk of coming across as a monomaniac, I’d propose that investigating the connections between these 4 would shed a lot of light on the current, and worsening state […]

The Greek City-States – Ancient History

Like most anarchists, I am very interested in historic examples of anarchist, quasi-anarchist, or otherwise stateless communities and territories, including the usual examples like Catalonia, Ukraine, Shimnin, Strandzha, Iceland, Baja, Chiapas, Rojava, Slab City, etc. But a problem with these kinds of examples is that most of them […]

Why We Should Argue All the Time

I don’t really see an end in sight to “polarization” or “incivility.” If anything, all of these things are going to continue to expand as class divisions widen, and as society becomes more diverse and fractious. The Atlantic Washington, D.C. isn’t exactly known for its civility. But today, […]

California Secedes From Black America

I don’t agree with this author’s crude stereotyping of blacks or his opposition to criminal justice reform, but he makes an interesting point. The “liberal-left” scored major victories involving referendums in the election, with everything from minimum wage increases to drug legalization to criminal justice reform passing in […]

Mob Rule in Seattle

I’ve generally found that some of the coolest reporting on extremists comes from their opponents. “Anarchist mobs rioting in Seattle!” You say that like it’s a bad thing. “Gun toting yokels march on Virginia’s capital!” And the problem is? Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists in Seattle have […]

Boycott Israel

Hello, my name is Hallel Rabin. I’m an 18 year old refuser from an Israeli kibbutz and tomorrow I’ll be sent to prison by the Israeli military. Just before Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, I refused to join the Israeli army and was held in military prison […]

A photographer who covered five years of Trump rallies on the most disturbing thing he saw—and his fears for the future.

One thing that is interesting about culture war partisans is the way they always think the government, police, corporations, or whoever favors their rivals and that the other side’s extremists are really in cahoots with law enforcement or the intelligence services. By Aymann Ismail, Slate Photographer Zach D […]

Lebanon’s confusing civil war

Think of all the groups involved in street clashes in the US today. Three percenters, Boogaloos, Proudboys, BLM, Antifa, Marxists, “anarcho-” Marxists, militias, anti-lockdown protestors, MAGAists, SJWs, Oathkeepers, Red Guards, Redneck Revolt, Patriot Prayer, etc. Imagine all of them with weapons engaging in urban guerrilla with dozens of […]

‘What Was Your Normal?’: Black Activist Goes Viral After Rejecting CNN Commentator’s Claim That Things Will Go Back to ‘Normal’ Because Biden Won the Election

By Niara Savage, CNN A Black activist has gained attention from political leaders on social media after a video of her pushing back against a CNN commentator’s claim that things will return to “normal” since President-Elect Joe Biden won the election went viral on Twitter. Sydney Teese, a […]

The Great Reset – Covid, World Economic Forum And Klaus Schwab’s Dream of Globalization

I don’t know about this Great Reset idea itself but most of what he is saying is obvious. Power is increasingly being transferred to international financial institutions, transnational federations, and multinational corporations, and away from traditional countries. Political, economic, military, cultural, technological, legal, and media power is being […]