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My Real Beef with Jordan Peterson

This article is a reminder of why I am not a “culture warrior.” I generally find Jordan Peterson to be a boring, substanceless “thinker” with a shallow center-right outlook whose “conservatism” amounts to a tenth-rate version of what Burke or Nietzsche said centuries ago. Nor do I care for the SJWish (everything is “hurtful” slave morality) paradigm in which this critique of Peterson is framed. I find certain aspects of European-style conservatism or the far-right to be interesting, but not the kind of milquetoast bourgeois conservatism of the Anglosphere. Just like I find actual Marxists to be interesting at times, but not social democrats and SJWs.

By MK, Substack

Why Can’t I Look Away from this Trainwreck

I rip on Canadian psychologist & professional Messy Bitch* Jordan Peterson a lot. I dedicated an entire podcast series on Queer Eye episodes one could watch instead of reading his anxiety inducing book. It’s a joke, but it’s kind of not because I have serious issues with his entire schtick.

First off, I want to clarify what I don’t have a problem with because his fans, some of whom are friends of mine, seem to not understand where I am coming from when I critique him. I don’t like to kick people when they’re down & believe addiction is a very serious matter. I have lived with (and loved) addicts my entire life & have a great deal of sympathy for them. I believe a large portion of people struggle with going a little too hard on the substances sometimes & am avidly pro-drug & pro-drug decriminalization.


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