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Tucker Carlson And Media Elites Cozy Up To Private Equity Moguls

There are sectors of Wall Street that are moving toward a more faux-populist economic paradigm (the same way some Big Tech folks have embraced the UBI) because they realize the present trends will generate serious instability in the future. The same way Roosevelt was able to secure the backing of Wall Street as the managerial revolution was taking place.

Tucker Carlson slammed former President Barack Obama in April 2017 for giving a $400,000 paid Wall Street speech, calling it “indefensible.”

“What could the former president possibly say a) that we haven’t heard, b) that would be worth $400,000 for an hour?” the Fox News host asked on his show.

Five months later, Carlson and Obama both spoke at the same conference hosted by the Wall Street giant The Carlyle Group, a private equity colossus.


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