Culture Wars/Current Controversies

A Reflection on Culture War Politics

A reader writes:

You should be a culture warrior because that’s the real front of conflict at the moment. Peterson I feel has run out of steam of late sure (tbf he has health issues so I empathize) but at the same time, capturing the system back from the cultural Marxists has to be a priority. If they were given carte blanche to take everything over it’d look far worse than anything Huxley ever imagined.

Often, right-wingers who are fans of my criticisms of the Left are disappointed when they find out I am not a (pick one) royalist, conservative, bourgeois republican, nationalist, racist, imperialist, traditionalist, social conservative, Republican, Trumpist, Christianist, fascist, Nazi, or Islamist, depending on their individual leanings. Similarly, left-wingers who are fans of my criticisms of the state, imperialism, capitalism, police, or the Right are often disappointed when they find out I am not a (pick one) liberal, social democrat, progressive, Marxist, Democrat, Trumpophobe, Antifa, social justice warrior, privilege theorist, critical race theorist, intersectional feminist, anarcho-leftoid, or particularly concerned about microaggressions, cultural appropriation, or “indirect oppression.”

The position I take on cultural questions is Stirnerite rather than liberal-progressive-left or conservative-traditionalist-right, which basically means that I have a favorable view of both sanctuary cities and 2nd Amendment sanctuaries, anti-police protestors and anti-lockdown protestors, rioters torching police stations and police refusing to enforce public health orders. The usual response I get from leftists and rights alike that these different actions are not “morally equivalent” (as if “morality” is what I am somehow motivated by) or “equally legitimate,” to which I respond that Athens and Sparta probably didn’t see each other as “morally equivalent” or “equally legitimate” either, but that’s kind of beside the point.

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