Month: November 2020

Conspiracy theories, explained

Instead, everyone should simply believe in the unending benevolence of the ruling class. By Aja Romano, Vox Eleanor’s dad loved science — or so she thought. Eleanor grew up listening to stories of the Apollo missions and audio clips from space expeditions. Every weekend, the two of them […]

Regrowing Indigenous Agriculture Could Nourish People, Cultures and the Land

By Christina Gish Hill, In These Times His­to­ri­ans know that turkey and corn were part of the first Thanks­giv­ing, when Wampanoag peo­ples shared a har­vest meal with the pil­grims of Ply­mouth plan­ta­tion in Mass­a­chu­setts. And tra­di­tion­al Native Amer­i­can farm­ing prac­tices tell us that squash and beans like­ly were part […]

Death by racism

The SJWish terminology and rhetoric in this aside, this is actually a very good discussion of the class disparities associated with the impact of the pandemic. The impact of the responses to the pandemic has largely been to allow the upper-middle and upper classes to go on a […]

R.I.P. Infoshop, 1995-2020

Infoshop was the longest-running left-anarchist site on the web. It had been around almost as long as the Internet has been available for public use.  However, its archives remain available. The following article by the recently deceased left-anarchist David Graeber on “The Twilight of Vanguardism” is interesting. “The […]

Second Wave: Another Lockdown, Another Rebellion What the Riots around Southern Europe Tell Us about the Pandemic and the State

It’s good to see that Crimethinc recognizes that opposition to medical martial law is not just some crazy right-wing idea. It’s happening in countries that are much further “left” than the USA. Many left-wing anarchists have seriously dropped the ball on this question, just as many right-wing anarchists […]

China’s new world order

A genuine “multi-order world order” would probably look a lot like the world between 1500 and 1800 before the full consolidation of modern imperialism. Not any kind of anarchistic golden age to be sure, but one where there were distinctive civilizations and cultures with their own spheres of […]

Utopianism and Prefiguration

By Ruth Kinna This paper explores the ways in which radical utopian themes have been taken up in contemporary anarchist thought and, in particular, the relationship between utopianism and prefiguration. Prefiguration has become a definitional concept in anarchist political thinking, though the meaning of the term is not […]