Anti-Imperialism/Foreign Policy

Moving Towards Multipolarity: End of a Unipolar World

By Abdul Rasool Syed

“Make America great again” – a slogan that formed the nucleus of Trump’s electoral campaign vividly suggests that America is no more a great country. It is, in fact, an implicit admission that U.S is gradually losing its clout in international politics and hence, its image as a sole superpower of the world has virtually tarnished. multipolarity

Let me rephrase this connotation; it means that the era of unipolar world is over and the world has now transitioned to a multipolarity.

The emerging transnational landscape

Currently, new power centers are emerging in transnational political landscape. China, Russia, India and Turkey are excessively engaged to carve a niche for them in evolving international order. Most importantly, with China and Russia’s mushrooming proximity, balance of power is now shifting from west to east.


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