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The Republican Party’s future: Being terrorized by its unhinged base

So Republicans and Democrats share a similar future. Fair enough. The encouraging thing that has happened on the mainstream right-wing lately has been the signs of a split between FOX and the Trumpists and talk of a Trump TV network. Being a persistent thorn in the side to the neocons and their mouthpieces is a way Trump really could perform a “public service.”

By Paul Waldman, Washington Post

When President Trump finally leaves office on Jan. 20, he will bequeath to Joe Biden a disaster to rival those any president has faced: a raging pandemic, an economy still in crisis, a federal government degraded and demoralized. Just digging out of the mess will be a challenge for the ages.

Meanwhile, Trump’s party will have a straightforward task: As they did with President Barack Obama, the Republicans will try to obstruct whatever Biden might want to do, sabotage the economic recovery if they can and generally do whatever is in their power to make him fail. But as they do so, they are likely to be riven by another echo of the Obama years: an internal conflict pitting the party’s angriest elements against an elite they will declare to be insufficiently devoted to the cause.


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