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Cracks on the Right & the Shape of Trumpism to Come

A podcast from It’s Going Down. Some of the analysis is interesting. I wouldn’t consider a Trumpist third party to be “fascist” any more than I would consider the proposed Peoples Party being floated by some left-over Sandernistas to be “communist.” A Trumpist party would be to the left of the Republicans on many issues, and the Peoples Party so far just seems to be Naderite progressive liberalism/social democracy. The only elected official from recent decades that I can think of that could reasonably be considered a fascist was David Duke. While Duke appropriated a lot of conventional Republican rhetoric, his background as a Rockwellite and his efforts to Nazify the KKK in the 1970s qualify him as a genuine fascist, IMO. But all of that is light years away from Trumpism.


On this episode of This Is America, we jump straight into the discussion, as we look at how things went down at the Millions MAGA March and what this new coalition of Trump supporters, conspiracy theorists, militias, and fascist groups means for the future of Trumpism.

As Trump’s attempts to steal the election hits roadblock after roadblock and continued legal challenges, Trump and his minions keep falling back on the use of conspiracy theories to hold his base together. We discuss how this dynamic is leading to cracks within the existent Trump coalition and why there looms a possible coming split between the GOP and what remains of Trumpism.

What this signals, is that Trump may soon break away and throw his weight behind a media network outside of Fox News, and use that influence to campaign for the Presidency in 2024. While this many effectively split the GOP down the middle, it may also lead to the creation of a genuine fascist third party.

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