Marijuana Legalization Got More Votes Than Trump, Biden And Other Officials In Multiple States

Those of us with libertarian-inclined political leanings were the real winners in the 2020 election. The “war on drugs,” along with general overcriminalization is probably the most extreme form of statism that exists in the modern United States, at least on a large scale.

By Kyle Jaeger

The 2020 election showed yet again that marijuana legalization has widespread, bipartisan appeal. And the mainstream nature of the issue is demonstrated clearly when comparing the support that cannabis reform got at the ballot box this month to that brought in by major candidates for president, Senate and other offices.

In a year that saw the highest level of voter turnout in American history—in no small part due to the heated presidential race where the incumbent was oustedcannabis legalization ballot measures were approved in red and blue states, proving to be more popular than many candidates seeking to represent those jurisdictions.

In most cases, candidates who were outperformed by marijuana at the polls declined to endorse the reform ahead of the election—perhaps something that politicians in states where cannabis is on the ballot in 2022 will take note of.


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