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Artificial Intelligence and Resocialization

By Troy Southgate

It is foolish to assume that various forms of political correctness are part of a Marxist plot. In reality, the systematic reinterpretation of controversial issues such as race and gender is a means of re-socialisation. A new model of civic organisation is required to meet the ever-changing nature of technology and the increasingly migrational workforce that is required to maintain it. Apart from the additional fact that such intense environmental adaptation is rendering its citizens both physically and mentally unhealthy, this is all part of the endless maximisation of wealth and resources. Without changing the dynamics of social relations, therefore, capitalism would be unable to profit at our expense.

In other words, if large numbers of people began to suspect that life in modern civilisation is no different to that of the forced labour camp, they would be far less inclined to get with the programme. This is why the idea of so-called ‘artificial intelligence’ is being planted in the mass-mind. It doesn’t matter whether robots have become a regular part of our daily lives at this stage or not, the crucial factor for our masters is that the very notion has been planted in our heads. It works like a meme. These things tend to evolve into self-fulfilling prophecies and the more we resign ourselves to them the more power we give to those who wish to make them become a reality. Changing the sign on a bathroom door or wearing rainbow-coloured laces in your football boots is not a sign of progress, it is merely essential for the furtherance of a transformational business model. It is very similar to the duck test.

According to the theory, “if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.” Now, what if you wished to make some easy money by changing the duck’s environment and removing the pond? The duck test is supposed to assist us in the identification of the creature concerned by asking us to observe its habits and characteristics, but if those habits and characteristics are beginning to change as a result of what you did to its environment for your own financial self-interest, then you need to reinterpret what it means to be a duck. Not as a way of liberating those ducks who aren’t quite as recognisable as other ducks, but to disguise your theft of the pond.

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