The Greatest Conspiracy of All

By Troy Southgate

The large number of people who were removed from Facebook for attacking Biden in the run-up to the U.S. election should have realised the truth: this is not because Facebook is part of an ‘anti-Trump’ conspiracy, but due to the fact that the decision to choose Biden as the next president had already been made behind closed doors and nothing must ever interfere with the greatest conspiracy of all.

Although, in the past, I have said that Trump is the type of ‘strong man’ the U.S. Establishment has used to oversee a specific administration at a specific time, the fact that his token replacement is giving off such an aura of weakness and decrepitude could mean that he has been nominated by the puppet-masters in the shadows to act as a convenient ‘fall guy’ who will take America to the very brink of socio-economic collapse. That, in turn, may lead to calls for another ‘strong man’ in the future, but for now it will certainly be used to justify what is being described as the Great Reset. When Clement Attlee replaced Winston Churchill as British prime minister in July 1945, it was said that “If Churchill was the giant of the war, Attlee was the hero of the peace.” Although Biden’s role may be different to that of his English counterpart it’s all horses for courses and the important thing to remember is that the electorate has nothing whatsoever to do with it. Even if one disregards the fact that all parties are ultimately controlled by a single master, there is no unpredictability in modern politics and by the time voting commences the mass media has already conditioned people to the extent that the System gets the outcome it desires. As for those of you who actually voted, congratulations for helping to provide a further mandate for one particularly obnoxious department of the global oligarchy.

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