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Obama tries to defend his assassination US drone strikes

The CEO of Mass Murder, Inc.

Press TV

Former US President Barack Obama has attempted to defend the unlawful use of assassination drones in his latest book.

In an excerpt from the book, A Promised Land, published in the Sunday Times ahead of its release on Tuesday, Obama said the evolving face of warfare meant that he had to resort to “more targeted, non-traditional warfare”.

According to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, the George W. Bush administration ordered 50 drone attacks while the Obama administration ordered more than 500 such strikes and carried out ten times more attacks with assassination drones.

The tenfold increase compared to his predecessor, resulted in thousands of deaths in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Libya, Syria and Yemen, among other countries.

In his book, Obama justifies the part of his job of “ordering people to be killed” by saying that he preferred to educate the victims of US drone attacks.

Obama says the many youths killed by US assassin drones were “ignorant” young people from violent parts world, who were victims of “older men”.


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