Obama Admitted Democrats and Republicans Agree 70% of the Time Reply

Kulinski talks about a video from 2013 where Obama admitted he and the Republicans agreed 70% of the time, and that the differences between the two parties were more about procedure than substance.  Obama also pointed out something I have also pointed out many times, which is that in most countries there are much greater ideological divisions than in the US. Despite the “divisiveness” of US politics, it’s more about aesthetics, personalities, and team affiliations (like sports or music subcultures) than existential differences.

Obama delivers hilarious half-hearted endorsement of Biden Reply

Vote for Dementia Man over Orange Man, says Obomber.

Krystal and Saagar listen to former President Obama’s leaked call saying that ‘rule of law is at risk’ in Michael Flynn case. In the same chat, Obama also lashed out at the Trump administration’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic as “an absolute chaotic disaster.”

President Barack Obama endorses Joe Biden For President Reply

It’s hardly surprising that Obama would endorse his former VP. But it also shows that Obama is nothing more than an opportunistic careerist and ladder-climber. Certainly, he recognizes that Biden has dementia, early-stage Alzheimer’s, or some other mental defect. The decent thing to do would be to counsel Joe to drop out of the campaign and get some medical help as it’s obvious the guy is in bad shape. But, no, Obama wants a guy who can no longer string a sentence together as head of state. Because that’s what his benefactors at Goldman-Sachs want. And it’s not like Biden would be qualified even with his full mental faculties. As our own Nicky Reid has said.

“Joe Biden has built his seemingly endless career on a veritable staircase of broken black and brown bodies, both at home and abroad. From his intimate role in constructing the openly fascistic and blatantly racist Clinton Crime Bill that paved the way for every dead black child who’s name is only immortalized on the signs of Black Lives Matter, to the open air debris pits he helped excavate across the Middle East for his friends in the weapons industry, Biden’s rap sheet reads like a Grand Dragon for the fucking Klan. This is his legacy. Obama’s legacy is that of Wall Street’s most devoted Uncle Tom. To say that this whole spectacle makes me incredibly sad is an understatement. I’m almost glad MLK didn’t live to see this shit. He would have dropped pacifism like a fucking brick.”

On April 14, 2020, President Obama endorsed Joe Biden For President. He noted Biden’s leadership on health care, climate change, and the 2008 recovery, and said that he believes that Biden is the person who can heal the country in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. With President Obama on our team, we’re going to unite our party and restore the soul of the nation. Together, we will defeat Donald Trump.

Keith Preston: Obama wants to prevent close ties between Trump, Putin Reply

Listen here.

The administration of US President Barack Obama is trying to muddy the waters with Russia before the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump, says an American political analyst.

Keith Preston, the director of the attackthesystem.com made the remarks with regards to Obama’s reported plans to introduce new sanctions against Russia.

Washington is set to announce measures designed to retaliate against what it considers Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election to allegedly help Trump with his victory, CNN reported Wednesday, citing government officials.

“Well, what this seems to be is a case of domestic partisan politics in the United States intruding into American foreign policy and international relations,” Preston told Press TV on Thursday.

Preston said the presidential race between Trump and his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton as “one of the most contentious” votes in the US history and the political fallout was inevitable.

“Hillary Clinton actually won the popular vote, Donald Trump was elected by to the electoral votes,” he said, noting that the Democratic Party was looking for a scapegoat.

Pointing to the Obama administration’s “unsubstantiated” claims that Moscow interfered in the vote, Preston predicted that the allegations would continue until Trump takes office on January 20.

“Given that the Democratic Party is till the ruling party for the time being… it appears that the Democratic Party is trying to retaliate against Russia, on the belief that Russia cost them the election,” the analyst explained.

“There are a lot of foreign policy hawks in the Obama administration with a very negative view of Russia,” he added.

Unlike the current administration, however, Trump and his incoming administration have taken a reconciliatory line with Moscow.

“So it maybe that various elements in the American government are trying to retaliate or act against Russia before Trump takes office,” Preston argued.

Economic sanctions against Moscow were originally introduced in March 2014, after the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea joined Russia following a referendum.

The new sanctions are going to be a “token gesture” more than anything else, Preston said.

According to Obama, the CIA and other US intelligence agencies are in possession of evidence that shows Russian President Vladimir Putin supervised the hacks, which targeted the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and John Podesta, a top aide to Clinton.

Putin has categorically denied Washington’s hacking claims, calling on Obama and his administration to either provide evidence or stop their accusations.