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Another Horror Show Election Means It’s Time for a New Localism

By Matt Purple, The American Conservative

It’s time for a new electoral map, one that colors the states according to what Donald Trump thinks should happen to the votes there. So make Pennsylvania and Michigan lavender since Trump wants their counting to stop. Arizona can go mauve since he thinks the tallying there should continue, possibly forever. And shade Nebraska’s Second Congressional District yellow indicating it holds important lessons for both sides that they’ll doggedly refuse to learn.

The end result will look like an tie-dye shirt as seen through a kaleidoscope, the perfect color muddle for this hallucinatory year. Yes, Election Night was about as 2020 as it could have possibly been, or Election Fortnight, as it currently stands. And while political campaigns always bring out a nation’s peculiarities, this one in particular has cast light on our patchwork of confusing state-based election laws and customs. One imagines a Frenchman clicking over to CNN: so there are two Maines but only one New Hampshire? Keeping up with the results has sometimes felt like playing the world’s most sadistic game of Carmen Sandiego. Robocrook was spotted here, where mail-in ballots can’t be counted until Election Day and Senate races go to runoffs…

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