There Is No ‘Coming Together’ Politically

By Peter R. Quinones

It’s a common refrain among many people but especially those with some kind of public platform (this was inspired by a comedian saying it) that “we” needed Trump gone so wounds could be healed and the people can come back together. Who are these people talking about? Are they claiming the country was one big love fest before the evil orange man came down that escalator? Are these people serious or just parroting a trope?

Ignoring the extreme factions on the Left and the Right, do they believe that the people in the cities were in sync with their “country” counterparts in 2014? That their cultures meshed and they found common ground to get in a drum circle for Kumbaya? Show me the proof.

For decades commentators have been writing about the factions in this country and their inability to find common ground. This manifests itself clearly every time an election happens. The cities (for the most part) go blue and the rural areas go red.


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