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Biden is a Greater Threat Than Trump

By Lois Karel
I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016, nor for Clinton (had done lots of research on the Clinton Crime Family). I didn’t have a high opinion, or much of any opinion, about Trump before he “mistakenly” got elected. It was only when I saw that the entire establishment, the intelligence agencies, the entire DNC machine and many inside the RNC machine, all the lobbyists, and particularly the corporately owned and controlled media were going after him unmercifully, that I started paying attention.
First I thought, considering that politics have mostly been just bread and circuses for the masses, perhaps this is just all being orchestrated? It was certainly increasing cable news viewers and making their advertisers happy. Then, right out of the box, Trump dumped the proposed TPP. That was another multinational trade deal (supported by Obama and Clinton) that would have driven even more jobs out of the US to foreign countries with no environmental laws and cheap slave labor. That took guts!

I watched him sign executive orders to go after the child sex traffickers, which had a lot to do with his desire to build that infamous wall. No, you didn’t see that in the MSM either. You just saw photos of kids in cages which turned out to have been taken during the Obama administration.
I watched him at least attempt detante with Russia (causing a three year investigation into Russian collusion which was totally bogus and destroyed several lives in the process, because the MIC doesn’t want cold wars to end, not good for profits) and N. Korea. He tried to bring troops home from several countries that we had invaded and occupied, although thwarted every single time.
The US is still pulling a lot of shit all over the world, bombing, occupying, killing and staging coups, and there is an entire apparatus which does its own thing without approval or disapproval of any sitting POTUS — but at least under Trump, we haven’t started any new shooting wars. He fired Bolton because he was hell-bent on getting into a shooting war with Iran.
I actually decided to sign on to get emails to see what the Trump administration was up to because the media did not report on any of the actual things he was doing that would be in the best interests of the majority of Americans. Do I agree with all of it? No. Do I agree with a lot of it? Yes.
While many of us do not like his weird hair, or his strange complexion, or his bombastic personality, it is the media establishment that has made him out to be a racist, white supremacist, and all other labels afforded him over the past four years.
And now the media has a lot of us cheering on Biden, clearly a criminal. Actually, just about everything that Trump has been charged with, and never proven, are the things that Biden has actually done. Can’t make this shit up. The evidence is piling up that this election has been rigged big time. I would at least think that anyone wanting to hang onto the final last shreds of a democratic republic would be appalled by this. But way too many hate the orange one so much, they don’t care what it takes. To me, that is pretty sad.
So, it’s doubtful anything I just wrote will change anyone’s mind, and expect that most won’t even read it. Just felt like saying it anyway. Maybe because I actually think of myself as an intelligent person, able to do my own research and use my own mind and not get swallowed up by media propaganda, and become so frightened I might be labeled a redneck, uneducated, deplorable and dispensable person for avoiding the group think our overlords thrust upon us all.
Sad to live in a world today where if I say that I totally believe that Biden is a way larger threat to our way of life and our freedoms than Trump, it is considered ignorance and blasphemy.”

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