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Trump sues in 3 states, laying ground for contesting outcome

Here it comes. At present, it looks like Dementia Man may win with literally the minimum number of electoral votes allowed. Orange Man is not likely to go away quietly.

By Mark Sherman, Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — As Democrat Joe
Biden inched closer to the 270 Electoral
College votes needed to win the White
House, President Donald Trump’s
campaign put into action the legal strategy the
president had signaled for weeks: attacking
the integrity of the voting process in states
where the result could mean his defeat.
Democrats scoffed at the legal challenges
the president’s campaign filed Wednesday
in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia. And
the flurry of court action did not seem
obviously destined to affect the election’s
outcome.The new filings, joining existing
Republican legal challenges in Pennsylvania
and Nevada, demand better access for
campaign observers to locations where
ballots are being processed and counted,
and raised absentee ballot concerns, the
campaign said. The Associated
Press called Michigan for Biden on
Wednesday. The AP has not called Nevada,
Pennsylvania or Georgia.

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  1. The reason I think the donald has a chance is that the media has been basically wall to wall with the same word “baseless.” I heard that word more times in the past 6 days then i have heard all my life. The biggest obstacle is that if the system is corrupt enough to do this it will get away with it. Once the rallies start and the recounts start its going to be quite fun. Nonetheless it will set up the democrats for a very distracted and corrupt entry which is AWESOME!!!!! The WWE and apprentice star has managed to wind the democrats up one more time. The ability for the donald to get the whole entire uptight do gooder world in a tizzy around him is simply amazing. Thanks donald.

    Mainstream MSNBC jouranlists are cursing on TV. There is clearly smoke.

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