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California just passed a major privacy law that will make it harder for Facebook and Google to track people and gather data

The only good laws are those which repeal other laws or place restrictions on the power of institutional authority. As an anarchist, I’ve often been asked if I think there is any such thing as a “good law.” I’m always like, “Yeah, sure, Bill of Rights, 13th Amendment, exclusionary rule, case law like Mapp, Gideon, Miranda, 21st Amendment…”

By Aaron Holmes, Business Insider

  • California voters just passed Proposition 24, a ballot measure that expands the state’s existing privacy laws and scales back the amount of data that big tech companies are allowed to collect on people.
  • The law will make it harder for Facebook and Google to track people’s activity through third parties, which could make much of the tech giants’ advertising business models obsolete, experts told Business Insider.
  • While Prop 24 is active only in California, it will effectively apply to all of the US because of the state’s huge influence on the tech industry.

A new law passed by California voters in the November election will set an unprecedented standard for digital privacy in the US, making it harder for big tech companies like Facebook and Google to track people’s data.

The Consumer Privacy Rights Act, also known as Proposition 24, was on track to pass in California as of Wednesday morning, with 56% of voters supporting the measure and over three-quarters of ballots counted.


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