Trump Unbound: Visions for a Second Term

Thomas Sowell once said that a problem with intellectuals is because they are experts in certain very narrow areas, they think they are automatically qualified to give expert opinions on everything else. This article is a good example. As brilliant a military theorist as Bill Lind, this article is delusional nonsense. Trump jettisoned the Russia rapprochement people around him very early on and has governed as a normal Republican on virtually every issue since then.

By William S. Lind, The American Conservative

I expect President Trump to win re-election and win big. In a game of cops and robbers, most people side with the cops. A triumphant Trump will be Trump Unbound, Promethean in his defiance of the establishment. The result should be more fun than a barrel of Menckens.

What outrages might he inflict? Some interesting possibilities.

In a repeat of Nixon going to China, Trump goes to Moscow. Nixon countered the Soviet threat not by shovelling endless money into the Pentagon’s maw but by a brilliant grand strategic maneuver: Convincing China to align with the United States against Moscow. (That move also nullified our defeat in Vietnam by eliminating its strategic significance.) Not entirely wisely, President Trump will likely up the ante in his confrontation with China. Could he convince Russia to de-align with Beijing and join us in containing China? America’s foolish continuation of an anti-Russian policy after communism fell has pushed Russia and China together, but Moscow fears long-term Chinese ambitions in Siberia. If President Trump wants leverage on China, nothing would give him more than facing Beijing with a land threat along its vast northern border.


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