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The Case for Trump?

This is a pretty good overview of what Trump’s serious fans like about him. Most of this is stuff I don’t agree with, don’t care about, and think lacks context or is rooted in ulterior motives. But it’s pretty thorough. The point is that I can’t see how this is any less informed or one-dimensional than the arguments that are made for “the other side.” Is any of this any more foolish, or is it considerably less foolish, than the Left’s leading intellectual, Noam Chomsky, claiming that Trump is worse than Hitler, Stalin, or Pol Pot? Interestingly, the fellow who wrote this is a Trumpist with alt-lite leanings who is also friendly to the ideas of ATS and other similar tendencies. I know people who are ATS-friendly who have similar views from the Democratic side as well (for example, progressives who think the Red Tribe is so awful their side would be better off without them). A big tent is a big tent is a big tent.

Ah, you guys don’t enjoy a great economy, peace in the Middle East, troops coming home, energy independence, European compliance with NATO, strong military. Honest president(transparency), America first, does not sound like a boring politician, economic improvement zones, kept all of his political promises, secure borders, strong 401k, non pc truth at last, move away from globalism, ending Iran’s horrible treaty, brought so many production industries home, ended NAFTA, creating an alliance of Sunni nations to put pressure on Iran, pulled out of the messed up environment Accords,started a movement of both black and Latino conservatism that may change American politics forever, reversal of common core, moved our Embassy to Jerusalem, greater choice in education, three wonderful Supreme Court Justices, made immigration based on quality not quantity, helping with Native American education, prison reform, prevented subsidized housing being forced on all suburbs, brought down cost of gas, made a stand for unborn life, created a balance between marriage equality and religious freedom, space force, brought Bahrain UAE and Sudan to a place where they recognize Israel, stopped north Korea’s aggressive actions, made China play fair in trade, recognized Golan Heights as part of Isal,the resurrection of NASA and the Great Mars Project, peace between Turkey and the Kurds, support law and order and police, lower taxes, support of black colleges, less regulation, …. the list goes on and on. Yep the best president in 60 years.
Trillion Trees EO, Great American Outdoors Act, Save Our Seas Act, I don’t think I ever hear about all of the makeshift hospitals & hospital ships that were built & thankfully unneeded, stopped paying WHO, rallied private companies to make PPE (made in China before and I work for a doctor that couldn’t order his regular supply of PPE at the end of 2019), Right to try, repeal ACA individual mandate penalty, cap on insulin at $35/month for Medicaid, executive orders to lower drug costs, hospitals will be required to publish their real price for every service, improved VA with Mission Act, supported farmers with better trade deals, was battling the opioid crisis before covid, 1st ever Center for countering human trafficking, who knows how many kids this administration has saved from human trafficking by securing the border. I saw news articles about children being rescued weekly. According to investigative journalist Corey Lynn, 12,470 arrests for human trafficking, according to arrest records and over 9130 victims rescued since January of 2017. He is also putting fund in to the Indian Nations that need it including school choice for their children, he’s working with an organization to remove plastic bags and bottles from our oceans (hardly anyone knows that one…)….

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