The Coming Biden-Harris Law and Order Regime

A Biden/Harris regime will crack down harder on BLM, Antifa, left-wing protestors, and their right-wing counterparts than a Trump-Pence-Barr regime. The “Biden administration” will merely be a euphemism for a ruling class unity regime without the distraction of the Orange Man daily freak show. A certain amount of disorder is in Trump’s interests, so he can promote himself as a law and order man as opposed to the incompetent Democrats who allegedly coddle rioters and criminals.
The Democrats want the protestors to vote for them. But a change of administrations will be a whole new ballgame. The new administration will be trying to demonstrate its competence when compared to its predecessor and will want to brag about how it allegedly restored order, curbed civil unrest, reduced crime, reformed the police, and cracked down on hate groups, along with left-wing wing extremists.

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